GARY TANG: My profession is in the technical part of the utility energy and real estate business, that I sit in front of my computer day in and day out. Then running kicked in.

Started to run the first time when I was 54, but the races and medals kept me running ever since. After numerous full and half marathons, I played with the shorter distance races such as the 5 and 10k’s which I found to be more challenging due to the speed. Just like anything I do, I set goals with moving targets and meanings. I ran 26 miles and 30 miles by myself whenever opportunity arise. 
I am an urban runner who like to run where people and runners are frequented, and I map the public toilets and water supplies for my routes longer than 15 miles. Lately, coffee shops are in the list.
I explore new routes constantly, but I have my favorites. The Embarcadero waterfront to Marin County over the Golden Gate Bridge, the waterfront paths between Richmond Marina and the Yerba Bruena Island, and the loops and routes from Albany to Oakland and Lake Merritt. 
I have a BART ticket with me on any impulsive long runs, just in case I lose my mind.