Every Runner Has a Story. What’s Yours?

Every runner has a story. And we want to know why running Oakland is important to you. Share your “why” with us and earn a free race entry for 2020 or 2021 if you are selected for the campaign.

We’re looking for local interesting, newsworthy or inspirational runner feature ideas about individuals, teams, or groups to share with the public via our social channels, event partners and media in regard to your participation in this year’s running festival.

• Why is ORF a must on your running calendar?
• Are you running for a charity?
• Running in honor of someone?
• Battling a medical challenge?
• Attempting a unique record of some kind?
• Are you a first-time ORF participant, or returning runner?

Send an email to corrigansportsmedia@gmail.com with simple bullet points that give us an overview of your story. To be considered, you must be running or plan to run in this year’s festival. A simple overview at this stage is sufficient. In addition to the 4-7 bullet points about what makes your story interesting, newsworthy or inspirational you should include:
• the distance you are running at ORF 2020
• the city where you currently live
• your contact info (email and mobile #)

A race official will follow-up with you if your story is selected for consideration.