Meet One of Our Sponsors

On your run along Jack London Square, as you enjoy its spectacular bay views, notice the sound of water rushing against the sediments, the intermingling scent of the urban and natural landscapes, and above you, electric lines parallel to the pavement below your feet. What you may not know is that Jack London Square is the future home to a battery energy storage project, that will supply cleaner and more reliable power for our local communities.

East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is Oakland Marathon’s Clean Energy Sponsor. EBCE is Alameda County’s local, default electricity provider, supplying greener and cleaner power at competitive pricing. EBCE, as a public agency, is committed to reinvesting earnings back into our communities through local green energy jobs, local programs, and clean power projects.

An example of a power project that directly benefits our Oakland community is the Oakland Clean Energy Initiative’s Oakland Power Plant that will be located at Jack London Square. EBCE signed a contract in June 2019 to help replace an aging, polluting, jet fuel-fired power plant with new zero-emission battery energy storage. The project will be completed in 2022.There are a multitude of benefits from the switch, such as improving community health in an area that has been disproportionately impacted by climate issues. In addition to building up our portfolio of locally-controlled renewable energy assets, some of EBCE’s revenues loop into funding local programs and events highlighting social and environmental good like the marathon.

Don’t forget to give us a high five at Mile #5 on March 22nd! We are looking forward to cheering you on during the race, partnering collaboratively with Oakland Marathon, and bringing a brighter future to all of our communities. Happy running!

East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is Oakland Marathon’s Clean Energy Sponsor. For more information about the Oakland Clean Energy Initiative, visit here. To learn more about your electricity generation provider, visit East Bay Community Energy’s website.