On Course Entertainment will be announced closer to race day.

Nothing gets a runner more excited than distractions along their 26.2 or 13.1 mile journey. One of the things the Oakland Running Festival is known for is the excitement along the course as you move from mile to mile. Below are some of the official Cheer Stations and Bands/DJ along the course, we hope they are able to push you to that next mile. Of course, there could always be a few unofficial stations along the way too.



Mile 1- Amphitheater Oakland Youth Chorus

1.7- So Oakland Collective

Mile 3- Lake Merritt Drummers

Mile 4.5- Oakland Movement Festival

Mile 5.5- Emeryville Taiko

Mile 6.2- Lincoln Rec Center

Mile 7- Sponsor A’s Community Foundation Center

Mile 7.2- Relay Exchange- Urban Fitness

Mile 8- Old Kan

Mile 8.5- Crucible Arch

Mile 8.75- Lincoln Family Center

Mile 11- Beach/Park ECDC

Mile 21- EBCE

Mile 9.5/Mile 22-  Pretty Lady

Mile 23- Nina Rezai Dental Company

Mile 24- Kapor Center

Mile 25- Kaiser Thrive Bandstand

Mile 26- EBBR/November Project