Ambassador: Peter Chan

I’m heavily involved with all the running communities in the bay area.
I like to assist runners to reach their personal goal (running, fitness, and nutrition). I volunteered in most of the bay area running communities (See Jan Run, Brazen Racing, ITR, CTR, SFM, Rock n Roll Half marathon running series). I’m the pacing team captain for Tri-Valley running group in Dublin and we provided pacing for many bay area events (Double road race, SFM, Brazen racing, Livermore Half, Tiburon Half). I love to share my ultra running experiences to motivate runners for a healthy fitness. I finished Tahoe 200 endurance run in 2016, (5) 100 milers in 2015, (2) 100k, (3) 50 miles, and (65) full marathon included Chicago marathon, San Francisco marathon, Santa Rosa marathon, Mountain to the Beach marathon, and many others.



Ambassador: JOHN LEE

John caught the running bug in 2012 after he was prompted by his doctor to lose 10 pounds.  One month later he hit the initial goal of losing 10 pounds and the stretch goal of being able to one run mile without stopping.  In 2013 he ran his first marathon in the Oakland Running Festival.  Although it would have been easier to put off training for a marathon, he didn’t want to wait another year to run a marathon in his favorite city.  When he’s not training for the next race, John enjoys traveling and trying to keep up with the new restaurants, bars and breweries that keep popping up in Oakland.




My name is Morgan Jaldon. I am an avid runner with 19 marathons and 2 ultramarathons under my belt! I am also an indoor cycling coach at Flywheel Sports and I love to ride my bike outdoors too! I was born in San Francisco, raised in Vallejo and now reside in Seattle, Wa, but will always come home for my favorite races! I have ran ORF for a consecutive four years now with my dad!




As the former president of the “I hate running club”, I never imagined that I would run…for fun! I only recently fell in love with running and I didn’t even start seriously running until I was 30! Now, I’ve got my sights on running my first full marathon before I turn 35!  I’m a proud “slow runner” and I want everyone to know that it doesn’t matter how fast or far you go, what matters is that you did it.
When I’m not running around the island (Alameda), I’m a non-profit consultant at MalWarwick Donordigital in Berekely. This year will only be my second time participating in the ORF and I’m so excited to watch everyone cross the finish line

Julie Ziegler



I am a runner, baker, educator, and mama of 3.  I hung my running shoes up after my high school cross country days,  but once my first son was born in 2012, everything changed.  Suddenly, it was super important for me to be healthy for him: mentally, spiritually and physically.   I wanted to show him how to work for and attain goals in life and never give up.  Luckily, I found that running meets all of those needs, plus the added bonus is that you get a hot bod!   My third son was recently born in July 2017 and my motivation to run and inspire other parents to work toward their goals has never been stronger.

Melanie Kelsey



I’m a married working mom of two boys (6 and 9) and a dog. I have been running on and off for years since High School. Training for the SF to Napa Ragnar Race in November. I enjoy running slow longish distances with my running buddies and exploring all of the beautiful trails we have in Oakland.

Alicia Campos



I am a native Californian and passionate runner who loves to promote healthy living. I run because I enjoy the feeling of knowing my body is strong and capable. My running journey started a few years ago, and it is both my physical and mental therapy. I believe that no matter what kind of day you’ve had, it can always be better after a run.

Adrienne Schell



I am an Oakland native; born and raised in The Town.  I love to share my passion for our city through my blog,  Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is not easy with two small kids, but three years ago I made the shift and have reaped the benefits ever since.  I began running in 2017; my first 5K was at the Oakland Running Festival.  I am now working towards the goal of completing a half marathon in 2018!

Todd Glieden


Ambassador: TODD GLIEDEN

I started running about 8 years ago after some health issues and I have never looked backward sense.  This year I turned 50 years old and decided it was the year for 50s my first 50 miler happened this year so far 6 , 50k Ultra  Marathons and it’s not over. I have enjoyed running the Oakland running festival for the last five years and find a very rewarding to encourage people to run their first 5K half marathon or full marathon.  You can find me every Tuesday night at Lake Merritt the blue boat house with my running group “Run with Clay”  everyone is welcome to join. Wednesday nights are for trails with Transports  and for Night  runs during the winter. Whether it’s a half marathon or shorter on the pavement or on the dirt trails I am out every Saturday and Sunday looking for anybody the wants to join at any pace or ability.

Bridget Mendez



Bridget has been running for over 18 years. She joined her high school cross country team by chance and hasn’t stopped running since. She completes two half-marathons per year with her favorites being in Oakland. Her 9-5 is focused on Supply Chain/Inventory Management and on her free time when she’s not running she’s traveling with her husband to new and exciting places, always packing her running shoes ready to explore new grounds

Dan Nguyen



Little about me: I ran my first 5K ever back in 2012.  After a whole year of being badgered, my supervisor and co-worker convinced me to run my first Full Marathon in 2013. The jump from 5K to a Full Marathon was a huge leap. However, I really didn’t get the running bug until 2014 when my new supervisor/good friend and I started the traditional of running monthly half marathon races to break the office life stress. I love that I get to meet people at the events from various backgrounds and experiences. Last year, I  ran the 2017 ORF “We Run the Town Challenge” and had a blast seeing different areas of Oakland.  Spent majority of my childhood in Oakland; being an ORF Ambassador gives me a chance to spread the good word for our local race and have fun doing something I’m passonate about. I am also a part of Team Red, White and Blue (RWB) and United States Military Endurance Sport (USMES) team. I currently have 2 marathons (#3 in Dec 2017), 20+ half marathons and dozens of 5K-15K races under my belt. Hope to see everyone at the races!




Amelia Wood is a Massachusetts native celebrating three years in Oakland. She works as an early childhood arts educator and enjoys spending her free time running around the Bay Area with her running club, the Oakland Unicorns, and mentoring local children with the Running for a Better Oakland program. This will be her third Oakland Running Festival as she gears up to run the Boston 2 Big Sur double marathon challenge later this spring.

Ambassador: Cynthia Deloney


Cynthia Deloney

I am at that stage in my life where all my children are grown and I enjoying volunteering and sharing exciting events with my friends and even doing a 5k here and there. Im doing my best to live a healthy lifestyle. I received a little nudge from my Son who is part of the Green Cormorant Run Club in Oakland. Participating in their events was really fun and has inspired me on this healthy journey and get moving.

Jess Sutton


Ambassador: Jess Sutton

Jess Sutton is a Central Valley (FresYES!) girl who loves to run slow and enjoy the scenery. She works in financial services and spends her down time hiking, exploring local breweries, making vegan food, and petting cats.  Jess first starting running in 2011 with a Couch to 5K program and to date has finished over 120 races from 5K to 50K. She thinks that running is awesome because of the friendships you gain along the way. She’s never going to win a race, but hopes to remain a slow and steady runner over the years and finally win an age group award when she’s 60. She lives in Fresno and looks forward to making more running and walking friends while training for her first ORF

Jeelan Gauzner


Ambassador: Jeelan Gauzner

My name is Jeelan Gauzner, 33 and I’m a mother, runner and fit enthusiast. I work in special education during the day and by night I’m super mom. I’ve been running since high school and love it! I was looking to do something momentous for my 30th birthday instead of the usual Vegas trip, something outside the box. My girlfriend talked me into running the Oakland Running Festival and there my love for half marathons flourished. Since then I’ve ran 15 half marathons and several Ragnar relays. Some run for the pure fun of it I definitely do it to burn off the crazy!




Bay Area born and bred, Christina is a professional copywriter and brand voice, made of bendy straws and all things vegan eats. A lifelong soccer player turned mother runner, she credits running with helping her conquer eating disordered life and rebuilding a healthy relationship with herself, her body, and food. When not endorphin-seeking or mid-sweat therapy session, she can be found baking, crafting run costumes, creating “gear junkie” videos and blog reviews, or pushing the BOB to the park while singing with reckless abandon. Found on pavement and trails alike, she’s most likely to be spotted wearing “90% socks, 10% shorts” whilst wrangling two dogs and a toddler tornado.




As an Oakland Native, fitness enthusiast and local business owner with a private Massage, Bodywork and Personal Training practice in this great city – my circle of friends, clients, and colleagues have come to know my passion for fitness, recovery, and running in my favorite city. My race training and preparation for 11 marathons (4 Consecutive Oakland Running Festival Marathons 2014-2017), 2 50K Ultramarathons (1 in Redwood Regional), 21 Half-marathons (3 The Town’s Half), and countless 5k’s and 10k’s over the years, has afforded me lots of opportunities to discover and re-discover Oakland – “Again for the first time.”
I am extremely excited to return as an Oakland Running Festival Ambassador and become a Legacy Marathon Runner in 2018.