Who Are We?

    • The Pacific Association is a member association of USA Track & Field (USATF). Its geographical boundaries stretch from the California-Oregon border on the north to San Luis Obispo in central California on the south. Our east boundary stretches just beyond Reno, Nevada. Click here to view a map that shows the USATF California Association regions.
    • The Pacific Association oversees and administers region-wide programs for all ages in track and field, long distance running, and race walking. Our largest component are youth (ages 18 and under), who compete in all three of these sports disciplines. We support them with regional events that lead up to national Junior Olympic competitions.
    • The Pacific Association sanctions and provides liability insurance to approximately 300 athletic events in our region annually.
    • The Pacific Association is the largest of all the USATF associations with aproximately 8,000 members and more than¬†125 member athletic clubs. Our annual budget of almost $300,000 is by far the largest of all the USATF associations.

At the 2019 Oakland Running Festival over 30 teams competed and two local USATF PA clubs won the men’s and women’s relays.

If you are a club, to register for the 2020 Oakland Marathon relay, please use code : USATFPA20

Contact [email protected] with any questions.