Relay Leg Breakdown:
Leg 1: Start Line to Port View Park (6.2 miles)
Leg 2: Port View Park to Mandela &28th St (6 miles)
Leg 3: Mandela & 28th St to Lincoln Square Park (6.1 miles)
Leg 4: Lincoln Square Park (11th & Harrison St) to Finish at Eastshore Park (7.9 miles)

Relay Exchange Details:
• Leg 1 runners will start at Eastshore Park and will be taken by bus back to the finish line after
running their leg of the relay.
• Leg 2 runners will take a bus to the Exchange are from the start line. When you finish your leg at
Mandela & 24th St you can either walk or take the shuttle to the West Oakland BART station and
take that to 12th St station. From there shuttles will run continuously back to Eastshore Park and
Celebration Village.
• Leg 3 runners should take BART to the West Oakland station and there will be a shuttle taking
runners up to the Exchange area at Mandela & 24th St. When finished with your relay leg, you
will walk to the 12th St BART station to take the shuttle bus back to Eastshore Park.
• Leg 4 runners can take the BART to either Lake Merritt or 12th St BART station and walk to the
Exchange area at Lincoln Square Park on 11th St. Your relay will finish at the Finish Line!

• 6:30am – Buses depart from MacArthur Blvd & Lakeshore to Relay Exchange #1 for Leg 1
runners (Port View Park)
• 8:10am – First bus of runners depart Port View Park for Eastshore Park
o Buses will continue to load runners of Leg 1 and once full will return to Eastshore Park
for dropoff
• 7:30am – 10:00am – 1 dedicated shuttle that will transport runners to/from Relay Exchange #2
to the West Oakland BART station. (Leg 2, 3 runners)
• 5:30am-2:00pm: Shuttle buses will run continuously between the following stops;
o Eastshore Park (Lakeshore Blvd & Beacon St)
o Downtown Marriott (11th & Broadway)
o 12th St BART Station