Because of social distancing I ran the full 26.2 miles on my treadmill at my house. By far was the longest run I’ve ever done on a treadmill. — Nicholas Solar Jr. ( St Stevens, Wa)


Please complete your virtual run between March 21st through April 15th


It’s Your Race Day!  KEEP YOUR DISTANCE but you can do your race length anytime and anyplace you are able.  More details on how to claim your race shirt and medal coming soon! WE ARE EXCITED TO CELEBRATE WITH YOU!  Post your photos on social media and use #ORFVirtual and tag us on Instagram @oaklandmarathon or facebook @OaklandRunningFestival

On Sunday, March 22 (the original race day) we will be joining you on your virtual run! Check in on our Facebook and Instagram account to share photos and thought of your virtual run. Or tell us of what you are doing instead. Send photos or videos of your “race day” workout. Tell us your favorite #OakRunFest memory from past years. Or even post pictures from previous Oakland Running Festivals.

POST YOUR TIME! Use THE FORM BELOW to submit your finish time. We will post results for all the times we get up until April 15 here.

Ran in Dry Creek Regional Park in Modesto on original race day 3/22. So helpful to close the 20 week training loop. My family rode bikes near me for the last 8 miles  -Pamela Noona (Modesto)

Virtual Runner Finishers

First Last Distance Time
5k Finishers
Joseph Shepherd 5K 0:29:50
Half Marathon Finishers
Christina Beliso Half Marathon 1:57:44
Michael Derksen Half Marathon 1:56:25
Sheri Morton Half Marathon 3:44:33
Deborah Miller Half Marathon 2:01:31
Andrew Clason Half Marathon 2:14:09
Timothy Kiernan Half Marathon 2:25:00
Isaac Riffelmacher Half Marathon 1:24:36
mavrik zavarin Half Marathon 1:51:00
Aric Allen Half Marathon 1:52:52
Milad Davaloo Half Marathon 1:54:00
Alexis Rocha-Roux Half Marathon 1:39:20
Marathon Finishers
Pamela Noonan Marathon 4:48:47
Yuval Baror Marathon 3:58:57
Paul Banas Marathon 4:45:37
Nicholas Solar Jr Marathon 4:40:00
Aaron Smith Marathon 3:36:12
Kate Eby Marathon 5:12:49
John Nystrom Marathon 3:58:57
Caitlyn Obolsky Marathon 5:20:36
Ashvin Kannan Marathon 4:18:00
Makenzie Arrington Marathon 3:56:34
James Vega Marathon 4:31:07
Mario Sanabria Marathon 4:56:37
Ryo Higuchi-Sanabria Marathon 4:57:22
Wendlassida Kagone Marathon 3:34:21
Andrew Wu Marathon 3:37:58
Eugene Hsu Marathon 3:55:01
Henry Woo Marathon 3:54:40
Henry Woo Marathon 3:54:40

Did the run today in kent. It was fun. I added 4 more mile to reach 30.  — Wendlassida Kagone (Kent, Wa)

Running Virtually with Oakland Running Festival

17.58 miles on dirt trails, then changed shoes into racing flats and finished the rest on greenway trails. 1100 feet elevation change throughout course. Ran near my family who ran four aid stations along the route and had a finish line set up at the end! — Aaron Smith (Longmont, Co.)

Share your virtual run!

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