The Oakland Running Festival is excited to have a number of charity groups in the event. Many groups offer great training programs and the opportunity to raise money for worthwhile causes.
If your group would like to be part of Run For a Cause please send an email to [email protected]
Asian Health Services

Join Team AHSome this year to help provide health, social, and advocacy services to underserved API communities in the Bay Area!

Founded in 1974 in the heart of Oakland Chinatown, Asian Health Services provides health, social, and advocacy services for all regardless of income, insurance status, immigration status, language, or culture. Our approach to wellbeing focuses on “whole patient health,” which is why we provide more than primary care services, including mental health, case management, nutrition, and dental care to more than 27,000 patients in English and over 14 Asian languages:  Cantonese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Mien, Lao, Mongolian, Karen, Karenni, Arabic, ASL, and Burmese.


Recognizing that a patient’s health is directly linked to their social and economic circumstance, we also advocate and promote policies that make our communities a safer and healthier place to live. Learn more about what we do at

Register or volunteer with us today by clicking Join Now on our registration website, live now!:


Join Team CALICO and run to help abused children and their families achieve justice and healing!

CALICO achieves justice and healing for abused children, adults with developmental disabilities and families who have experienced trauma and promotes the safety and well-being of all children. We achieve justice by bringing together a team of professionals, including law enforcement, social workers, prosecutors and others, to investigate allegations of child abuse while keeping the needs of children at the forefront of the work. CALICO provides a safe child-friendly environment to talk about the details of abuse with a specially trained professional. While children talk about the abuse, a skilled mental health clinician meets with parents and caregivers to offer support, guidance and resources so the whole family can continue on the path to physical and mental health and well-being.

As a runner for Team CALICO the money you, and your teammates, raise will provide children and families in crisis with the help they need at a time they need it the most. As Alameda County’s only child advocacy center, CALICO has helped over 12,000 toddlers, children and adolescents, as well as adults with developmental disabilities. To find out more about CALICO, visit our website

By joining team CALICO you are joining a group of people who stand up to keep children safe and healthy. You can join your teammates in sporting an official CALICO high performance t-shirt, be cheered along by our cheer squad and celebrate at the official CALICO tent before and after the race.

To join Team CALICO, send an email to [email protected].

Choose College Foundation

Run with the Choose College Educational Foundation this year and show Oakland that you Choose College 4 Life!™

Founded in 2005, the Choose College Educational Foundation, Inc® (Choose College®) promotes the benefits of pursuing higher education beyond high school. We know that all students have the ability to succeed academically and pursue post-secondary education if provided with resources, information, guidance, and support—it’s our mission to make that happen.
And that’s not all! Choose College® spearheads a number of cultural and academic enrichment programs for Bay Area youth, including our Youth Cultural Ambassador Program (YCAP) and STEM Strategies to Empower and Prepare Students for Success (STEM STEPS for Success). Why not sponsor or run with our YCAP and STEM STEPS scholars on Race Day?

What we offer…

College-Going Resources
We connect youth and families with resources, tools, and materials to foster and encourage a college-going culture.
Public Awareness Campaigns
We specialize in “get the word out” campaigns that maximize awareness of resources and assistance available to communities of color.
Youth Programming
We engage youth with relevant programming, media, celebrity appearances, events, activities, and more.

Our motto, “Choose College: Not Just 4 Years, Choose College 4 Life™,” speaks to the belief that education doesn’t end in high school—rather, it is a life-long journey for all.

Our website is

George Mark Children's House

Run with George Mark Children’s House and help us provide life-affirming care and comfort for children and their families.

George Mark Children’s House is the first freestanding pediatric palliative care facility in the country. We focus on quality of life and continuity of care for children with illnesses that modern healthcare cannot yet cure, or for those who have life limiting medical conditions. We raise funds so families never see a bill for our services.

Join team George Mark and help make a substantial difference in the lives of the children and families that we serve.

Register today by contacting [email protected], calling 510.346.1274 or visiting

Intertribal Friendship House

Intertribal Friendship House

To promote the ability of Native people to thrive in an urban environment through ceremony, traditions and cultural connection, to provide a safe environment to strengthen cultural identity, promote health, inter-generational healing and support the development of extended family.

The Story
For over sixty years Intertribal Friendship House has served the Native community. IFH was founded in 1955 to address the displacement needs of relocated American Indians. We carried with us through those experiences the knowledge of our culture, values, and the connection to the creator. Using fortitude and traditional teachings we remain strong no matter where we stand.

Get Involved
– Run with us! All runners will get a free t-shirt. Please contact [email protected] for more information.
– Volunteer at the race for us! In order to participate in this great program, we must recruit a minimum of 10 volunteers who can do one 5-7 hour shift the Friday or Saturday before the race, or on race day! Please contact [email protected] if you are willing to join our volunteer team.
– Donate! All donations are tax deductible. Please visit this link below for donation options:

Visit our website to learn about upcoming events:

Pierre's Birthday Fund

Join #TeamPierre this year to provide hope and healing to hospitalized kids through joyful experiences!

Pierre’s Birthday Fund is geared toward improving the social, mental, and emotional well-being of hospitalized kids. Our mission is to provide hope and healing to hospitalized kids through joyful experiences. We focus on services that bring a smile to a child’s face and comfort through pain management.
We started by celebrating kids’ birthdays who had to spend their special day in the hospital, but thanks to those like you, we now offer so much more! We support a thriving and growing massage therapy program at both UCSF Benioff Mission Bay and Oakland. We have a weekly Bingo program that all children can participate in, even from their rooms, thanks to closed-circuit tv. Recently, we helped launch Beads of Courage in Mission Bay-a resilience-based intervention designed to facilitate storytelling in a non-verbal way. Patients receive a set of beads and a string and each bead on the strings represents a part of their medical journey.
Register to run with us and you’ll get some fun Pierre’s Birthday Fund swag. Click HERE to register now.
Learn more about Pierre’s Birthday Fund: or email us at [email protected]
Plazas Community Bilingual Education, Inc

Join Team Plazas to provide scholarships for early childhood education here in Oakland!

Plazas Community Bilingual Education, Inc. is a non-profit organization started by parents and community members in East Oakland, CA. Our mission is to support low-income families in need of early childhood care by providing scholarships to culturally diverse, high-quality Spanish-immersion preschool programs in our community.

Children who receive high-quality early childhood education often have better emotional, social, and academic outcomes for many years beyond their early childhood. However, there are only 2 slots available for every 100 Oakland families looking for childcare for their infant or toddler. When available, the average cost is $16,000 a year for full-time childcare.

To join Team Plazas, visit our registration site: Run with Plazas.

To learn more about our organization, please visit our website at

Running for a Better Oakland

What’s the most exciting way to train for ORF 2019?

Come run with Running for a Better Oakland(RBO)! The RBO Community meets every Saturday morning at Lake Merritt.

We have an 11-week comprehensive program from January to End of March to prepare Middle School and High School Students to run the Half Marathon and the 5K, and a shorter 7-week program to prepare all K-12 students for the 5K race.

Let’s make it a family affair: parents are encouraged to come train too. What an experience!

Our crew of volunteers is ready to mentor students of all ages and levels. New volunteers welcome to join! Fast or not you can help!

Students: Don’t be shy! You can do it and you won’t regret it! All levels welcome and financial help provided. Just come regularly to practice and show us how motivated you are.

Senior in High School? you are a candidate for RBO scholarship program and will be encouraged to apply if you train for and run the Half-Marathon.

This is RBO’s 8th year of participation in the Oakland Running Festival with over 350 runners in 2017 and over 1,600 enrolled over time so far!

Come share your Oakland Pride with us!

Please visit our website: for more info or contact us at [email protected].


Come run with SquashDrive and support Bay Area youth!

SquashDrive is a non-profit after school enrichment program that supports underserved Oakland youth. We help students reach their academic, athletic, and personal potential through individualized educational support, squash instruction, and character development. SquashDrive provides over 8 hours per week of transformative programming to 4th through 12th graders from 12 partner schools.

We foster and ignite the “drive” within each of our kids to be successful, well-rounded individuals who contribute greatly to society. We want them to dream big—and follow through on those dreams.

Academics- Students collaborate with tutors for homework help, high school and college prep, and academic enrichment.
Squash- SquashDrivers improve their technique and court sense through professional instruction, fitness, and match play.
Character- Students develop life skills, engage with mentors, and give back to their community throughout the year.

To learn more about SquashDrive please visit our website here, or contact Sean if you would like to run with us!

The Tenacity Project

What is tenacity? It’s the BEST of you, the TRUTH of you, the TOUGHEST of you, the HARD WORK and the PERSISTENCE of you. It’s the grip you hold firm on your hopes and dreams, the unique spirit and enthusiasm you pack into the pursuit of little and big goals and the strength of character you display en route to all of it.

To be tenacious is to be audacious in your wondering and curious in your wandering, to be persistent and resistant, reactive and proactive. It’s the stuff of finding all the reasons to believe and all the ways to RISE. Tenacity is what underdogs are made of.

The Tenacity Project is an initiative that empowers girls to #LiveWithTenacity through the sport of lacrosse.

To learn more about our mission please visit us at our website here!

Urban Tilth

Urban Tilth is excited to be a part of the Oakland Running Festival for our 6th year. Please join the Urban Tilth staff, friends and supporters by running with “Team Tilth” in support of creating a healthy, sustainable and just food system.

Urban Tilth is a Bay Area leader in organic urban agriculture, garden education programs, and food access initiatives. We train and employ local residents and youth to become “home-grown experts” that work with community organizations, government agencies, schools, businesses, and individuals to develop the capacity for our community to produce 5% of our own food supply.

This year, we are raising funds to help increase our capacity to grow more healthy food for our community and offer more cooking classes and workshops to share the knowledge and joy of healthy living in ways that everyone can enjoy! We are looking for 60+ brave Runners to join our Oakland Running Festival Team.

We support with our team members with group running days, training tips, 1 runners brunch to make sure all Team Tilth Runners understand how the Running Festival works, where to go and how to prepare and we offer a community of 60 amazing people who want to do something good for their bodies and their community and share the experience with you. As a bonus, runners even receive Urban Tilth race day swag!